Smoke/Fog Machine

Smoke/Fog Machine

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The fog machine is widely used in a variety of occasions, such as wedding ceremony, Halloween, parties, Christmas, clubs, DJ performance and stage effect and so on. In a nutshell, this fog machine with lights is perfect for creating boisterous atmosphere of wildness.

As the power of fog machine is 500W, the output power reaches to around 2000 CFM (c.f./min) between 2 and 3 meters distance and duration of fog time is about 25 seconds. Besides, you can use this smoke machine without any scruples because it doesn’t produce any toxic gas.

The fog machine with lights comes with both two different wireless remotes controls, one is that you could turn on and turn off the fog machine for easy use and the other is equipped with LED light control buttons, which is convenient for you to freely switch colors.

There are total 13 colors for you to choose from, namely, red, blue, green or mixed colors (cyan, fuchsia, yellow and white), and various light effects at different speeds (fade, flash, smooth and strobe). The fog machine is also possessed of RGB LED light effect to heighten atmosphere.

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